Adding and editing checklist templates

New checklist-template

Creating a new checklist template can be achieved by clicking the orange button the lower right corner.

First of all a title and a checklist description has to be inserted. Afterwards a default language can be choosen and a test object or test object type limitation can be created.

Editing an existing checklist template

Editing an already published checklist template can be done by clicking on the context menu (the three dots) on the right hand side of the checklist template.

Setting up a template

Further information on how to set up a fitting template can be found on the following pages:

Add tags/categories for checklist templates.

Checklist templates can be tagged to group them and search for them. Adding is possible using the context menu via" Manage checklists" under "Tags".

The tags can either be newly entered or existing ones can be selected:

Using the filter on the top right, it is possible to filter by the existing tags and navigate between the "Draft", "Published" and "Disabled" tabs with the filter applied.