Issue categories

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Issue categories

The issue categories enable a structured data entry. The greatest added value is provided by subsequent detailed evaluations and issue analysis. Each issue category can be split up again into different sub categories. Employees do not have to know the individual categories within hierarchy levels by heart, but can filter and select them using the search function. Generated issues can be assigned to defined responsible users or user groups per category.

Add a new issue category

New Issue categories can be created with the following properties:

  • Parent - a superordinate issue category can be selected. This way unlimited levels of hierarchies can be implemented.

  • Title - uniquely defines the issue category.

  • Code - enables the possibility to add a customer individual code to its issue category.

  • By default assigned to - automatically assigned users or groups can be selected who are responsible for resolving issues from this category.

Export and import of data

Inserting data is possible either directly in Testify by manual creation or by export/import. For more on export/import: