Equipment types

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Equipment types

What is an equipment type?

Add a new equipment type

New types of measuring equipment with the following properties can be created under Administration → Equipment Types:

  • Title: The title uniquely defines the equipment type.

  • Description: The description supplements the title with other information.

  • Activ: An equipment type can be activated and deactivated.

  • Custom fields: Custom fields can be added to each equipment type, which can be filled in when creating an underlying measuring tool.

Edit/disable an equipment type

Equipment Types cannot be removed to prevent loss of data. They can be deactivated and edited in the context menu of the equipment type. Disabled equipment types can be found under Administration → Equipment Types → Inactive. They can be reactivated again in the respective context menu.

Managing measuring equipment

How to manage equipment is described in the following article: Equipment

Export and import of data

Inserting data is possible either directly in Testify by manual creation or by export/import. For more on export/import: