Test object types

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Test object types

What is a test object type?

Add a new test object type

Adding a test object type can be done by clicking the orange button in the right lower corner. The following characteristics can be defined for a test object type:

  • Title: The title describes the test object type to be addressed in the issue search, for example. In addition, the corresponding title of the test object type is displayed for each test object.

  • Description: The description should provide additional important information about the test object type.

  • Picture: The picture can additionally illustrate the test object type or, be left open. It can be added by clicking on the suitcase on the right side.

Further information can be added when editing the test object type.

Edit test object type / Add custom fields

After creation of the test object type it can be edited by clicking on the context menu (the three dots) in the upper right corner of the test object type. The following information can still be added:

  • Custom fields: Additional information about the test objects within the respective test object type or about the issues associated with these test objects can be added via custom fields.

  • Parts list: Further custom fields can be added to a test object type. This feature should be used to list the elements of the test object type in order to be able to locate the issue more precisely when recorded.

Managing test objects

How to manage test objects is described in the following article: Test objects

Export and import of data

Inserting data is possible either directly in Testify by manual creation or by export/import. For more on export/import: https://testify.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/TWN/pages/1507229936