Issue search

The Issue search enables the user to search the Testify environment for all existing issues, whether closed or open. After entering the Issue search the user sees all issues listed in a chronological order.

The user can only see the issues for which he has the appropriate permission.

Searching for specific issues is made easy by the search button on the upper right. The user just needs to click the magnifying glass and can then enter a specific issue title for which he wants to search for.


It is also possible to apply certain filters on the listed issues. In order to filter the issues the user has to select the filter button next to the search button. After that the user can filter by status, assigned to, created by, planned for, Category and Test object/Type. Several filters can be selected at the same time. The available issues are then again displayed sorted by date.

When selecting a test object or category, the corresponding sub-components can also be selected via the icon next to it on the right-hand side.

Furthermore, it is possible to filter for Custom Fields. After selecting a custom field you can specify further search options below the selected custom field. This would allow to search for Issues or Test Objects with defined custom fields or specific values.

By filtering by "Checklist template", the issues can be searched by checklist template.

Export issues

It is also possible to export all the issues (with filter or not) into an excel file by clicking on the three dots next to the filter button. The excel file contains all the important information which is needed about the issues.