Release v4.36.0

Dear Testify Key-User,

we proudly announce our Testify Release Updates v4.36.0 with new improvements for a better Testify experience:


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Feature extension: Display scoring at checklist overview

In the checklist overview, the number of points achieved is now displayed for checklists with scoring. Example: 5S Audit.

Display scoring at checklist protocol

In the standard checklist protocol as well as in the compact checklist protocol profile there is now the possibility to display the weighting of audit checks. The following selection option is available for this purpose:

  • Show checklist score

    • Show score at every check (only possible if above is active)

Feature extension: Display at custom field where it is used

From now on, the overview shows to which test object(s), issues and equipment a custom field is linked.

Feature extension: Add activation / deactivation timeline at history of the Workflows and Periodic assignments

The history of periodic assignments and workflows now shows when they were activated or deactivated. This shows when and whether this was done automatically or manually (by a person).

Feature extension: Support AAD B2C for Login

As of now, Azure AD B2C is offered as an additional login option. This new possibility provides an additional authentication step during login.


Feature extension: Make ordering in task list configurable

The task overview now offers a sorting option with the following possibilities:

  • Sort by default (date)

  • Sort by severity

As usual, the sorted issues are displayed first and then the sorted checklists.



The following bugs were fixed:


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Short Description

Testify crashes when taking photos (mobile device)

When executing a photo check testify crashed after saving the recorded photo on a specific device.

Custom fields at issue no longer sorted alphabetically

The custom fields were no longer sorted alphabetically on output.