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New functionfeature: Add tags/categories for checklist templates

From now on it is possible to tag checklist templates to group them and search for them. Adding tags is possible via the context menu under "Tags". These can either be entered or selected if some have been used before.

Under "Manage checklist" it is possible to filter by the existing tags and navigate between the "Draft", "Published" and "Deactivated" tabs with the filter applied.

Adding and editing checklist templates

Export and import of data in Testify

Effective immediately, the following data can be exported and imported manually in Testify:

  • Test object types and test objects

  • Equipment types and Equipment

  • Issue categories

  • Users

  • Groups

This is possible under "Administration" in the particular tab via the context menu (the three dots). After an export, the Excel list can be filled manually and then imported again, so that Testify is extended by this data. This is especially practical and efficient when several contents are to be imported at once.

Administering Testify

Feature extension: Periodic assignments of checklists possible on an hourly basis

Periodic assignments are now also possible on an hourly basis. Execution is thus possible several times a day (morning and evening shift), for example. This also allows assignments on an hourly basis and the checklist only appears at a specific, predefined time.

Periodic assignment