Release v4.37.0

Dear Testify Key-User,

we proudly announce our Testify Release Updates v4.37.0 with new improvements for a better Testify experience:


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Feature extension: Include Custom Field Values in Testobject Import/Export

The extension of the test object export and import now also includes custom field values. In addition to the previous information (Id, TestObjectTypeId, Title, Identifier, Description, ParentId) there is now one column per custom field.

Feature extension: Detail search - checklist template related issues

From now on there is a new filter in the isue search. By filtering by "Checklist template", the issues can be searched by checklist template.

Feature extension: Hide checklist revision number at new protocols toggle

In the "Standard checklist log" it is now possible to define whether the revision number of the checklist should be displayed. By default, this function is activated.

Feature extension: Hide issue number at new issue protocols toggle

In the "Issue protocol" it is now possible to define whether the numbering of the issue should be displayed. This feature is activated by default. In the "Issue protocol - classic", the issue number is no longer displayed.

The following bugs were fixed:


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Short Description

Validity date in PDF not displayed correctly

The pdf procols showed validity dates for equipment types where no validity was defined.

Translation missing" in PDF protocol

German PDF protocols showed [translation missing] even though no translation was missing,

PdfCreation not working

Das Ergebnis des Formeltestfalls zeigte zu viele Dezimalstellen im PDF-Protokoll an.

Formula check is not displayed in new PDF protocols

The result of the formula check was not displayed in the new pdf protocols.

Formula check - result is not displayed correctly in PDF protocol

The formula test case result displayed too many decimals in the PDF procotol.

Select TO with Barcode scanner not possible with special characters

Selecting test objects with an identifier was not possible when using special characters.