Release v4.31.0

Dear Testify Key-User,

we proudly announce our Testify Release Updates v4.31.0 with new improvements for a better Testify experience:


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Short Description

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Feature extension: Add scoring / weight to audit checks

From now on, weightings can be added to an audit within a checklist. Through this evaluation it is possible to get a sum from the checklist, how positive or negative the audit result is. This allows 5S audits to be mapped optimally.

Feature extension: Subscribe to test object type

From now on, users can subscribe to test object types in addition to test objects via the user settings. This makes it possible to receive notifications about created checklists and issues that were executed with a subscribed test object type.

Feature extension: British English locale for date and time format

For the English date and time format, it is now possible to choose between three variants:

  • American English: MMDDYY and AM/PM.

  • British English: DDMMYYY and 24H format

  • Indian English: DDMMYYY and AM/PM format

Feature extension: Show error when closing checklist without 100% executed checks

The template settings of a checklist can now be used to define more precisely in advance what happens if a checklist is not 100% completed.

  • Warning: Show warning when exiting or closing

  • Error: Show warning on exit / Show error on close

Feature extension: Workflows - Generation of PDF as Action

The generation of PDF protocols can now also be automated as an action via a workflow. This process automation is to start the generation of PDFs for the filtered checklists.

Feature extension: Add "Download all" in checklist search

All PDF protocols can now be downloaded as a ZIP file via the checklist search.

Feature extension: Set minimum values for calculation check to one

For the check type "Calculation" it is now possible to enter only one value (instead of at least two), because for some calculations one value is sufficient.

New language: French

With the integration of french, a new available language can be selected in the user and company settings.