User settings

  1. Navigate to the upper right corner and click on your username

  2. Choose “Settings”

  3. Here you can view your user settings

  4. If you want to change some of the settings, click Edit in the context menu




Administrators can also deactivate this feature. This means that changes to a user are only possible with the corresponding administration permissions.

Editing Account Information

The account information contains:

  • Username (ID) - defines the initial login data. Please note that it is recommended to use a personal e-mail address, as all e-mail notifications will be sent to this address

  • Password - is the second access authorization. Each user can change their password later after logging in. The security policy requires at least 8 characters with upper and lower case letters, as well as at least one digit

  • title - the academic title of a person can be entered in this field

  • first name - the user's first name is entered here

  • last name - the user's last name is entered here

  • language- based on these settings, the user's base language is selected and all Testify features are displayed in that language. Testify comes with the following multi-language approach to enable cross-enterprise collaboration: Bosnian, German, English (US, UK), Spanish, French, Dutch, Russian, Chinese, Mandarin

  • roles - organisational responsibilities can be assigned (One user can have multiple roles)

  • groups - organisational belongings can be assigned (One user can be in more than one group)

  • subscribed test objects - to ensure that a user receives information regarding these test objects

  • subscribed Test object types - to ensure that a user receives information regarding these test objects

  • valid until - a certain time can be chosen until when a user should be valid

  • active - a user can be deactivated here

  • hide in assignment lists

  • timezone

Notification settings

In this section, you can configure settings concerning notifications. There are notifications for the following topics:

  • Issue notifications

  • Checklist notifications

  • Checklist template approval process notifications

In each subject you can specify whether you want e-mail, in-app or no notifications.

Contact information

The contact information contains:

  • alternative e-mail address for notifications

  • phone number

  • street

  • zip code

  • city

  • country