Company settings

The Administration section provides Testify Admins with the ability to define specific company settings. Company settings are the settings for the whole Testify environment you are working in. All these defined settings are applied to the respective tenant. To activate the edit mode select "Edit" in the upper right corner.

Company settings

  • Complete the contact information and change the logo if necessary

  • Note: The information entered is displayed on the protocols


  • The checklist template approval process (ISO 9001:2015) specifies that a checklist must be reviewed by a second person before it is approved. If this field is checked, a checklist cannot be approved by a single user, but must go through a 2- or 3-step approval process.
    Checklist release process according to ISO 9001:2015 in practice: See

  • Show check result in check overview - the user must click on the check to see the result.


  • Prefilled assigned identity of issues - can assign issues to a user or group by default (can also be managed via issue categories)

  • Fill issues with test case information - possibility to prefill issue title/description with checklist information, when creating an issue within a checklist.


  • CSV export format

Additional settings

  • Restrictions including sub-components - when activated the users with test object restrictions also have access to subcomponents of the test objects (includes also issues for main and subcomponents)

  • Default time zone for new users - new users will be assigned this time zone by default

  • Default language for new objects - all objects that get created are by default in this language (can be translated)

  • E-Mail notification timezone