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The administration section is the last tab on the left side of the application. In this section the user can manage the settings of the whole environment. Depending on the permissions, the administration can contain up to 9 items and is used to define the environment and the settings for the intern processes and use cases. Every setting concerning the management of issues/checklists and the organization can be found in this section.

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Export and import of data in Testify

Content creation is possible either directly in Testify by manual creation or by export/import. Using the context menu (the three dots) of the respective entity in the administration area, an Excel list can be generated or uploaded for download.

This function is currently available for the following entities:

  • Test object types and test objects

  • Equipment types and Equipment

  • Issue categories

  • Users

  • Groups

An empty (or pre-filled) exported Excel list can be manually filled with the desired content and then imported again so that Testify is supplemented with this data. This is especially convenient and efficient when multiple contents are to be imported at once.


This function makes it possible to translate the desired content before importing it. For this, columns can be inserted in the Excel list in the desired language. Example:







Example "Test object types and test objects

Administration tab - Select test object types - Click on the context menu in the upper right corner:

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Select whether test object types or test objects should be exported/imported

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Select action (export or import)

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Open the Excel list: View of the existing data. For a data import, the tabs can be filled with the necessary contents:

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The ID is an internal field which is not visible in the system. The ID must be unique and can be entered manually. If this field remains empty, it will be generated automatically by Testify in the background.

If the list is filled, it can be imported:

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Selection whether existing entries should be updated or skipped:

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View after successful data import:

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